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Website Info Reward Ready? Action recommended followed 0 seconds left Microwallet 0 seconds left 0 seconds left 0 seconds left 0 seconds left 0 seconds left 0 seconds left not recommended 0 seconds left not recommended 0 seconds left disabled Microwallet 0 seconds left disabled Microwallet 0 secondsBTCClicks - Best earner with or without an upgrade. If you upgrade you get paid more per ad, and you get more from your referral s clicks. Referral are available to rent three times daily, but they go very quickly. The referrals cannot be recycled.

A great thing about advertising on this site is that your ad is put into an archived list. This is excellent if you need a backlink for your own personal website. Payment Proof CoinAd - Great earner with a low cash out of 0.00015 BTC. This is a quality bitcoin PTC site, and is highly recommended. It is under a new owner, now it has more ads to click. Payments are sent out every Monday. Payment Proof VisitBit - Surf through websites to earn bitcoin for each page visited. Payments are automatically sent to your microwallet. The same wallet that many of the faucets use.

Advertising on this site is excellent because each visit is unique. Payment Proof Bitvisits - Surf through websites to earn bitcoin for each page visited. Payments can be sent- GUARANTED: Earn 3,000+ Satoshi in just few minutes - Completely effortless - No purchase required - all 100% FREE - 2+ years online (the oldest bitcoin PTC site) - Join 328 551 active members - Over 382 bitcoins paid out ($103,140.00 at today s value!) - 10% affiliate program CoinAd is the oldest bitcoin PTC online. You are paid, in bitcoin, to click adverts and view websites - for just 10-20 seconds. There are new adverts daily, and because it so quick to claim, we are THE FASTEST way to get free bitcoinHere are the BEST Pay-to-Click networks for earning Bitcoins simply by clicking ads, viewing websites and videos. Next to faucets, Bitcoin PTC sites are the fastest way to start getting Bitcoins for little effort. The best part is, you can refer new users through each site and earn commissions of referral clicks.

After awhile, these earnings really start to add up with more and more Bitcoins. Bit Visitor is by far one of the top Free Bitcoin sites that pays Bitcoins for viewing advertiser websites. It’s quick and easy to get started and they offer some of the highest rates for has been giving free bitcoin since 2013! We have just upgraded our scripts to give our members a better experience and more earnings. Our innovative features provide an excellent platform for earning Bitcoin. Earn up to $0.01 per click Earn for referral clicks Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals Detailed statistics of your referral clicks Much More To Come! Advertisers If you are looking to promote your product or services, this is the right place for you. With competitive prices and the ability to reach thousands of potential customers, you will get the traffic youStarting a bitcoin PTC service will definite make bitcoin more popular and spread it to more people . I just thought of this idea just now and thought I d check the forum to see if it was already mentioned. Thank God for the search function! It is clear that most BitCoin users are internet users.

And the key services missing from the current BitCoin market are enough employers or people willing to sell labour as oppose to goods.

Goods have their limitations as an anonymous currency wouldn t be practical, especially with the issue of trust. I agree that a PTC site would include immense amounts of trust too, but I ve seen so many Bux sites crop up out of nowhere, waiting for the first member to get paid out, and then post the proof on their forums. I believe this would work, but would require a joint venture and initial investment. Perhaps it could be called BitBux or BitCoinBux (I know, har har, how original(!) ) The business model is pretty good, and if we copy a well-known PTC site,BTC Clicks is an advertising platform and paid-to-click (PTC) where advertisers can receive quality traffic and members can earn bitcoins. Here is a comprehensive list of free Bitcoin sites that you can use to get free Bitcoins and get used to cryptocurrencies.

Some of these ideas might appeal to you . Earn free bitcoins by visiting websites, watching videos, playing games, completing tasks, and participating in prize drawings. Bitcoin Faucets &.

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