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Experience Egypt like never before. Join Pharaoh’s Party and enjoy the best coin pusher machine ever ! Get ready to engage yourself in a modern day Pharaoh Carnival! Egypt has now got an electrifying casino life with overhauled visuals and exciting pusher gameplay. Pharaoh’s Dozer blends ancient Egyptian ambiance with a modern day casino environment to give you hours of fun ! Join the Pharaoh’s party and drop a constant flow of gold coins onto the Dozer to push piles of cash, coins and prizes your way, all while experience a fantastic 3D Royal Casino in Ancient Egypt. Use your dozer to cash in prizes and special powered chips with a variety of gameplay effects. Your prize collection can be traded for coins or spent in Quests to unlock magical Pharaoh powers and Egyptian chips. Test your luck on the royal casino experience with Party Slots and Cleopatra’s Fortune wheel. Roll the Slots and spin the Fortune Wheel with Gold Bars and Spin Tokens that appear on the dozer table. Try your luck9. Unlimited repeat quests have been changed to limited repeat quests. The reward stats for the changed quests have been increased. Platinum Coin Quest is just an example of a quest that is unlimited currently, but can somebody please shed some light on exactly how much the reward stats have been increased? (How many demon s eyes do you get per turn in vs. pre-1.9?) __________________ Main: 60 Elyos Assassin (Israphel) Alt: 60 Asmodian Spiritmaster (Tiamat) I have been wondering the same thing about the Coin quests and the rumored decrease in cost for the items. It would be nice to get some confirmation. I can t obtain the quest on the PTS due to my level, but anyone can go see how many coins the gear still cost. Thank you for sharing Rhythmz So it would seem that the cost of the armor / weapon will remain the same. Is anybody who is high enough level been able to see the new limit on these quest? How much/if they raised the number of coins/demon s eyes you can obtain per turn in?We noticed that you re not using the latest version of Internet Explorer. You ll still be able to use our site, but it might not work or look the way it s supposed to. We recommend upgrading your browser. Click on an icon below to download the latest version of Internet Explorer or another browser now. 2015 Star Charts Glow in the Dark $25 Pure Silver Coin The Quest This new 2015 $25 pure silver coin from the Royal Canadian Mint is the first in a four part series which tells the Native Canadian story of how the stars of the night sky came to form the Big Dipper. The coin features exceptional full colour art and glow in the dark technology, and contains just over an ounce of pure silver. The seven stars that make up the Big Dipper are arguably one of the most recognized formations in the night sky. They are visible year-round from northern latitudes, and have inspired countless legends around the globe. Many First Nations legends describe the Big Dipper as a great bear who is huntedScroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)  — 3 pcs. 370,440 88 Steel Door Guild Coin  — 21 pcs. Letters from the Queen: Cruma Tower, Part 1 40 - 45 - 370,440 88 Steel Door Guild Coin  — 11 pcs.

Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade) Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade) Nikola s Cooperation 40 Nikola See Description Relic Exploration 40 Kusto See Description Return of the Alligator Hunter 40 - 46 Enron Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)  — 7 pcs. 2,795,688 670 Steel Door Guild Coin  — 26 pcs. Contract Execution 41 Lorain See Description Nikola s Heart 41 Lorain See Description Contract Completion 42 Luka See Description Lost Dream 42 Kusto See Description Volatile Power 44 Janssen Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)  — 5 pcs. 2,708,350 650 Steel Door Guild Coin  — 20 pcs.

An Obvious Lie 45 Maximilian See Description Little Wing s Big Adventure 45 Cronos See Description Reports from Cruma Tower, Part 1 45 Janssen 127,575 30 Steel Door Guild Coin  — 4 pcs.

Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)  — 2 pcs.

An AgedCoin Party puts hours of fun in your hands with an amazing dozer 3D experience. Drop a constant flow of gold coins onto the dozer to push piles of cash and prizes your way. The fun doesn’t end there, as wondrous quests unlock more pushing powers and dozer tables for you ! Prize collections can be traded or spent in Quests where you unlock even more powerups and magical chips! Don t forget to collect the casino spin tokens and slot gold bars that appear on the dozer table and spend them on spinning the in-game fortune prize wheel and party slot machine for awesome prizes ! Introducing the Party Slots, our slot machine mini-game where you can win even more prizes! Simply place your bet using your Gold Bars and watch as the rolls spin in your favor on the fruit machine ! Coin Party features: ★ Top-notch 3D graphics for a live carnival experience ★ Special quests where everything you collect helps unlock upgrades ★ Fun collectible and tradable stuffed toys, cars, candies and lots moreThe Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles. Please use the Search function if you are looking for something specific. The Aion Game Guide currently consists of 37397 articles. Please use the Search function if you are looking for something specific. Discuss : Brusthonin Quests If you find that the Brusthonin Quests page needs to be modified, content needs to be added, or you just want to share your thoughts, please leave your comments here. View all threads on the Game GuideA coin listed as VF-EF is halfway between VF and EF, while one listed as VF/EF is VF on the obverse and EF on the reverse. Expect the usual circulation marks consistent with each grade and denomination. Coins with more pronounced marks are downgraded to a value/grade level (“net grade”) or described separately. “Almost Uncirculated” (AU) is numerically equivalent to AU-50, “Choice AU” equals AU-55, and “Very Choice AU” (aka “Borderline Unc.,” or “Slider”) is AU-58. Toning: “Uncirculated” (UNC) denotes a coin which is naturally toned, while “Brilliant Uncirculated” (BU) is a coin with light or no toning. Natural toning often indicates an original (i.e. untampered and uncleaned) coin. Most experienced collectors prize attractively toned coins. Uncirculated Grades: UNC and BU = MS-60 or 61: a typical uncirculated coin with strictly no wear but expect numerous contact marks (bag marks, rim nicks) and/or light hairlines from mishandling, not circulation. Premium UNC or BU = MS-62: aThis site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. By continuing to browse Arc Games you are agreeing to use our cookies.

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