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Hello, so you want to create your own faucet website? It s easier than ever. You only need a domain name and this faucet script: DISCLAIMER: Copyright Disclaimer: Some of the contents of this website might not be owned by the author, however almost everything is attributed or linked back to source, if you find some copyrighted content that is not, then please tell us, we apologize for that. If you are the rightful owner of any content, and can prove it, and you wish to take it down then contact us at this link and we will complyTired of huge faucet lists, that are nearly impossible to go all the way through, yet give very low total earnings? I too wasted my time on bad faucets at start, until I realized that doing smaller amount of better faucets results in way higher earnings and you also spend less time on them. In the end I decided to make my own website and now am earning couple bucks a day, plus I can combine them with my other online activities like playing poker or visiting my favourite Pay to click website (Paidverts). Now I make this faucet rotator available to everyone, start saving time and your computer by having less opened tabs at a time. Try it here 4 ever free: What s in it for me, you ask? Well by visiting you become my referral and I get some extra earnings, but I am willing to share even those. If I get enough referrals, I will start my own high payout faucet. I am trying to keep website up to date with best faucets so any help and suggestions are appreciated.------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ Forum Thread: this is the simplest version of it, other might get released in time made by Greedi 2012 (c) INSTALL: put files in www dir, edit config.php with proper values and dont forget faucet.sql for the db. in templates/header.php you have to set you re IP, so you can see server link. the same in server.php, set you re IP, so you can access to page. NOTE: Some wil maybe have to create the faucet donation account in there bitcoind account have to be FaucetDonations and/or SendOut Donate: LTC: Lh4c3cYcmvoksUNJLFT2Z5zsUmKUFgAUF5 BTC: 1MFH5dY85Ve4Q6KYPGJnfPmiHP2UxmXend bitcoin faucet public release ------------------------------------------ Forum Thread: this is the simplest version of it, other might get released in time made by Greedi 2012 (c) INSTALL: put files[Update 24, January 21st, 2015 - Added several new faucets and updated descriptions on many existing faucets.

Also removed a couple of faucets that have been out of funds for a while. Lastly, I reordered the lists to reflect changes in payouts. - Bryan ] Bitcoins are all over the headlines, but did you know there are websites that pay out free Bitcoins for visiting them or doing tasks? They re called Bitcoin faucets, and they re a great way for you to get into Bitcoins without mining, winning it through playing online poker with Bitcoins, wiring money to a Bitcoin exchange, or buying through LocalBitcoins . Before we get to the faucets, Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency—I penned a Bitcoin primer a while back if you re looking for more information. Bitcoin faucets aren t going to make you rich, but these are faucets I can personally attest pay out when and how they say they will as I ve collected 0.57 BTC from them. Most of these faucets work by paying out tiny fractions of a BitcoinIf you are looking to multiply your Bitcoins with an easy passive income, then creating a Faucet Rotator is an absolute must. Faucets are websites that give out free Bitcoins, and are the most popular way for people to get BTC starting out. This traffic can generate referral commissions to you easily with the right system. You can get recurring payments just like these ! This simple step-by-step guide will get you started with your own Bitcoin Faucet Rotator so you can start earning Bitcoin commissions on auto-pilot. We have created our own Faucet Rotator called and you can have one just like it in only an hour or two worth or work.

A Faucet Rotator is a simple website with an iframe that rotates the highest paying Bitcoin faucets. Visitors to your Rotator will enter their Bitcoin address on each faucet, then click Next Faucet to go to the next. When you refer new users to faucets then you will get a commission on your referral claims. With hundreds of freePlease abide by the following simple rules when using this website: Please do not use bots. Please be civil when contacting us and refrain from using strong language. Please do not try to abuse the free giveaway by creating multiple accounts and collecting the free prize more than once every hour using proxies or similar IP address changing applications/services. If you are found to be breaking any of the above rules or trying to gain an unfair advantage to abuse the service, your account will be deleted and your account balance forfeited. We will never share or sell your personal details to any third party. We may also occassionaly use your email address to send you website announcements regarding changes to our website, including improvements, and service or product changes that may affect our website. Cookies are sometimes used to improve the website experience of a visitor to a website. We may sometimes use cookies on this website to record aggregate statistical information aboutVideo Tutorial Membuat Website Faucet Bitcoin Gratis Step By Step Membuat Website Faucet Bitcoin Gratis Video Tutorial Cara Membuat Website Faucet Bitcoin Gratis ini saya buat sebagai media pembelajaran bagi anda yang sedang berkecimpung di Dunia Bisnis Bitcoin. Demo Bitcoin Faucet: Website: Twitter:This is a faucet of information. We aim to get you started by helping you to earn your first bitcoins. Cryptocurrency is a revolution and we hope that after visiting some of these sites you will be as enthusiastic about it as we are. Our own faucet is under construction, currently we just manually give out rewards to those sharing links to valuable websites and have a list of other sites where you can get bitcoins.

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