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Note: If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin with Paypal or a credit card for trading purposes only then check out AvaTrade or Plus500 Bitcoin CFD trading. For more information read this post first .

As 2015 begins it seems that more and more options to buy Bitcoins with credit cards are available. In order to help people sort out what are the most efficient ways to do this in this post I will cover 4 options to buy Bitcoins with a credit card. Just for general knowledge, the reason that buy Bitcoins with a credit card isn’t easy to come across is due to chargeback issues that most sellers wish to avoid (for a detailed explanation look here ). Before I explain the different methods one word of warning. NEVER leave your Bitcoins at an exchange or a website. Once you purchase Bitcoins from any of the methods explained below move them into your Bitcoin wallet immediately. If you still don’t have a Bitcoin wallet you can compare the different wallets here . Coin.MX is a market place forGet started with CEX.IO – the easiest way to buy Bitcoin ! At CEX.IO, the process of both buying and selling Bitcoin has been made quick and simple. Here how it works: 1. Register on CEX.IO Simply sign up and confirm your email address. To maximize an account security we highly recommend setting up a two-factor authentication. Once completed, you can go ahead and deposit funds. 2. Verify your identity You’ll need to provide us with some personal information. Navigate to the “Profile” tab and then enter the necessary data in the Verification tab.

After getting verified, you can make your very first deposit. 3. Deposit funds To deposit fiat money, either USD or EUR, select the Finance tab from the top of the page, and scroll down until you see the Deposit button. Use your credit card or, alternatively, a bank transfer. Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card Deposit funds with your credit card or debit card. From the Trade tab, in the Trade: buy or sell BTC section, simply enter the amount ofBitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is the simplest way to exchange money at very low cost. How To Order Bitcoin Insanity offers multiple payment methods, making purchasing bitcoins a breeze. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, bank wires, and cashiers checks. Prior to ordering you will need to have your own wallet address. Currently we are only allowing one item, per order, per person, per day! Orders with multiple items in their cart will be canceled and refunded. You will be asked for your bitcoin wallet address during checkout. Orders without a valid address will be canceled and refunded. Our current average processing times are listed below. Please refrain from emailing us until at least 12 hours have passed since your payment cleared. You will receive an emailI did some more digging on and answered my own question.

According to the FAQ and the list of payment methods, the reason that Paypal and Credit Cards are . Exchange About Based; Coinbase operates one of the most popular wallets and is an simple way to buy bitcoin. $5 bonus on sign up. USA: BUY BITCOIN: Buy or deposit . Remember: If you’re only looking to buy Bitcoin with Paypal or a credit card for trading purposes only you may want to check out AvaTrade or Plus500 Bitcoin CFDPurchasing Bitcoins has never been so easy, quick and hassle free! Changes in Payment Method at CoinMama Posted by Coinmama on May 13, 2013 We are sorry to announce that CoinMama will no longer be working with PayPal. PayPal has notified us as of May 12, 2013 that they will not be able to continue working with us due to excessive risk+ The following tutorial will explain how to buy Bitcoin with a debit card. Note: If you’re looking to buy Bitcoins with a debit card for trading purposes only then perhaps you’re better off checking AvaTrade or Plus500 Bitcoin CFD trading. Buying Bitcoin with a debit card is pretty similar to buying it with a credit card. In this post I will cover the 3 most popular methods used today. CoinMX is an american based money exchanged that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins with you debit card.

After you open an account you’ll need to submit a short video of yourself holding a government issued id such as a passport or driver’s license. Verification can take up to 48 hours. If you’re a first time customer at Coin.MX you’ll get a $5 deposit bonus in your account.

After you sign up you’ll need to go through a simple verification process. The process includes sending a video of you holdingIs there an easy way to use a credit card to add USD funds to my MtGox account. Liberty Reserve, Dwolla, and Paxum seem to be the financial institutions of choice for MtGox and the rest of the exchanges. Is any of these simple to fund using a credit card, or are they all basically PayPal analogues (which Paxum seems to be) that require a large amount of setup? If it is not possible for MtGox, is there another, hopefully reputable, exchange that I can use PayPal or a Credit Card to buy bitcoins with? It’s indeed impossible to buy Bitcoins with Paypal DIRECTLY even today and that’s mainly because of Paypal’s TOS (Section 3.7 here) and the issues of chargeback. Having said that there are still a few ways you can buy Bitcoin with Paypal a. Use VirWox to buy SLL with Paypal and then transfer that SLL to BTC (has high comission, transaction can take between 1 hour to 2 days). The full process is explained here . b. You can use Local Bitcoins and perhaps find someone in your area to sell youBitcoin is a peer to peer digital money that is decentralized, meaning that is not regulated by any bank or government. Bitcoins are sent and received through the Internet for goods and services to other people or businesses for relatively no transaction fee.

All you need to start transferring bitcoins is a free digital wallet. What Is The Blockchain? Because Bitcoins are an open-sourced digital money, all transactions are public.

At any time, you can view thousands of Bitcoin transactions in a public ledger called the blockchain. Each transaction is encrypted by a Bitcoin address, which is a combination of letters and numbers that acts as your personal address for sending and receiving bitcoins. Check your transaction on the blockchain at How many Bitcoins are in circulation? Unlike USD and other currencies that can be created out of thin air, the Bitcoin network is programmed to never exceed 21 million bitcoins. The cost of one bitcoin fluctuates within the market..

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