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Recommended faucet Free dogecoins by just clicking a button! Earn up to $200 worth in doge every hour. Recommended faucet A small, simple Dogecoin facuet that ll reward you with a few freeWhat is this ish? This is a Dogecoin faucet that gives out a certain amount of Dogecoin per day. The amount will likely vary so check up often. How do I get dogecoins? You can get dogecoins a number of ways. The easiest way would be to get them from faucets like this one or others. How do I learn more about this? You can go to the Dogecoin Subreddit or to the official Dogecoin page to learnDogecoin is an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide. Download the wallet here . What is a faucet? This water bowl (aka faucet ) is a service that allows you to receive free Dogecoins by simply inputing your address. Questions? Contact Syntack on Freenode or via Twitter . If possible, please consider donating to keep the faucet running. New shibes need love too. Donation address:To start namecoin and peercoin pending transactions have been purged today. The reason being some bad apples were abusing proxies and the referral system The referral system has been removed. The majority of users were using the referral system to gain extra coins for their own withdraws which was not the intended purpose of the program. I would like to thank everyone that legitimately participated in it and maybe someday in the future I can make a system that rewards users and continues to bring new users into the crypto world Peercoin and Namecoin have now beenFaucets! Dogecoins for everyone! Here is a subreddit for sharing faucets for Dogecoins. Feel free to include your address in your posts - just don t beg ! E.g. - Allowed: Me! - DTzEX4mN8mJ16qrS59mu1VvsJTtK1Wgxzz Not allowed: donate pl0x for the good of doge DTzEX4mN8mJ16qrS59mu1VvsJTtK1Wgxzz You can now assign your own flair! Just look under the subscribe/unsubscribe button for Show my flair on this subreddit. It looks like: [username] (edit) . Hit edit, and put in your flair! I recommend your address for DogeCoins ! More infodogecoins-faucet - DogecoinsPlease donate to keep this faucet running: DGRB5o1XsPmSch5wHTJQqXzX2V5z3rUv15. Free coins given to 15658 people! Such.

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