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Talk about just about anything bitcoin related in here. News, community or other cool bitcoinCryptocoin news, information, and discussions about crypto-currencies.

Get advice on what cryptocoin to mine, technical details about cryptocoins, and advice from trusted members of the community. CryptoCoinTalk is your new source for everything cryptocoin. We love discussing the world ofThis is Who We Are The College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN) was formed as a hodgepodge of Bitcoin Clubs at Stanford, MIT, and the University of Michigan in earlyIf you are registering you may need to check your spam folder for the activation email. (February 22) We are currently recruiting voluntary moderators, you can read the relevant thread here. (JuneWanting to chat up some fellow investors? Looking for comrades in the the great currency quest? In need of information, advice, or a shoulder to cry on? Well, join the club ! Regardless of your needs or interests in the cryptocurrency realm, there is a community ready to be built around it. Find a forum that suits your needs, sign up and startCryptocurrency Tech Info Forum Skip to.

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