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So I ve gone a bit cray cray since DOGE came out, thanks to connection (she LOVES that I have spent so much time screwing with coins btw . ). Totally understood how much of a joke it was,Cryptocurrency - once a thing of imagination, has become a big part of the internet and as an alternate form of cash. Below are some of the finest Free Bitcoin Faucets I have found on the internet. Each link is shortened with Coinurl and will only take you a few seconds to reach your page (CoinURL is a great way to gather Bitcoins!) I hope you enjoy this list.

All are tested and used by me daily! Most Reliable Bitcoin Wallet: Blockchain - Secure and Reliable Bitcoin Wallet. Has QR codes, API, etc. MUST HAVE IN ORDER TO RECIEVE BITCOINS! ------------------------------------ CoinAd - Daily Bitcoins For Free - Also has a chat feature which has a 25% chance to give you 0.001mBTC per message. My favorite site by far! NetLookup - Daily Bitcoins For Free DailyBitcoins - Same as the latter but slightly higher payout (IMO) FreeCoins - Free Bitcoin faucet. Bitcoins4me - Go here every hour to get yourself free bitcoins! Bitcoinaddict - Every 24hrs free Bitcoins Bitcoins4u - Same as latterList of cryptocoinCryptocoin Faucetok, i ll try to start a faucet list here, starting with multiple coin faucets. I figure that is a good starting point, I can go back and add single faucets at a later time . please comment if this list is helpful - several unlimited faucets, paying out fairly small amounts - 19 current faucets - several hourly faucets, paying out weekly (requires signing up for account) .. 7 current working faucets -MOON,DOGE,Alcohoin faucets , all once hourly -daily faucets, 5 currently working and 2 dry I never thought about making a faucet list. but that s a good idea. I do have the giveaway forum which is at the bottom of the site. If you want to start a faucet thread and update the thread with all the faucets for the various coins it might help people out. Discussing the world of cryptocoins and cryptocurrencies Information posted onHave a faucet not on this list? Tweet to @CryptoFaucets and I ll add itCryptospout is a service dedicated to getting new users started with cryptocurrency. Easy as 1.2.3. Ease of use is the number one priority everything is designed simply and made as easy as possible to understand Highest Disbursements ! When you get a free sample you want to be able to actually taste what you are sampling so I try to give the best samples of coins around No signups or offers to complete ! Who would want to get asked a bunch of personal information just to get a free sample? NOT US Hourly Faucets Hourly faucets provide a taste of crypto by simply providing a wallet address. The coins are dispatched every hour (with the exception of Bitcoin that is dispatched once daily). You can use the hourly faucets as the name suggest once per hour Daily Faucets Daily faucets provide a little more to chew on same rules apply when dispatching the rewards they get sent at the top of the hour with the exception of Bitcoin thats sent out once a day you can use these faucets once every 24.

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