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Note: If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin with Paypal or a credit card for trading purposes only then check out AvaTrade or Plus500 Bitcoin CFD trading. For more information read this post first .

As 2015 begins it seems that more and more options to buy Bitcoins with credit cards are available. In order to help people sort out what are the most efficient ways to do this in this post I will cover 4 options to buy Bitcoins with a credit card. Just for general knowledge, the reason that buy Bitcoins with a credit card isn’t easy to come across is due to chargeback issues that most sellers wish to avoid (for a detailed explanation look here ). Before I explain the different methods one word of warning. NEVER leave your Bitcoins at an exchange or a website. Once you purchase Bitcoins from any of the methods explained below move them into your Bitcoin wallet immediately. If you still don’t have a Bitcoin wallet you can compare the different wallets here . Coin.MX is a market place forIs there an easy way to use a credit card to add USD funds to my MtGox account. Liberty Reserve, Dwolla, and Paxum seem to be the financial institutions of choice for MtGox and the rest of the exchanges. Is any of these simple to fund using a credit card, or are they all basically PayPal analogues (which Paxum seems to be) that require a large amount of setup? If it is not possible for MtGox, is there another, hopefully reputable, exchange that I can use PayPal or a Credit Card to buy bitcoins with? It’s indeed impossible to buy Bitcoins with Paypal DIRECTLY even today and that’s mainly because of Paypal’s TOS (Section 3.7 here) and the issues of chargeback. Having said that there are still a few ways you can buy Bitcoin with Paypal a. Use VirWox to buy SLL with Paypal and then transfer that SLL to BTC (has high comission, transaction can take between 1 hour to 2 days). The full process is explained here . b. You can use Local Bitcoins and perhaps find someone in your area to sell youCoinbase makes it easy. Coinbase is a bitcoin wallet. With Coinbase, you can easily and securely buy and use bitcoin. We take careful measures to ensure that your . The easiest way to buy virtual currency! Buy Bitcoins and Litecoins with your credit card or Western Union here ! Several services will now allow you to buy bitcoins with your credit card (even though it is risky for sellers to offer this option). But it comes with a price and . Here you can buy bitcoin with credit card instantly (Visa, Mastercard). Worldwide.

Safe and secure. Merchant solutions. Welcome to the home of the Bitcoin gift card. Our brand new bitcoin gift card is a simple and secure way to buy bitcoins, delivered to you through the mail. May 21, 2014 · This is a new updated tutorial about how to buy Bitcoin with Paypal or a credit card.

Step 1: Go to Step 2: Open a free account Step 3To buy or sell bitcoin on Coinbase, you must link your account to a US-based bank account, or a bank account based out of the following European countries: If you would like to be notified when we can support your country, please visit Currently it is not possible to use Dwolla or PayPal, though we are working hard to expand these options in the near future. For US customers, once you’ve linked a bank account, you can link a credit card to enable instant transfers. Even without a linked bank account, you can still take advantage of many Coinbase features: Send and receive bitcoin (no transaction fee!) Store your bitcoin securely with 2-factor authentication Take advantage of a secure Vault account Create recurring payments Manage paper wallets And muchBuy bitcoins with credit card via Coinbase Coinbase is one of the best bitcoin wallets at the moment and it allows users to purchase bitcoin by directly transferring money from a bank account, this is a standard option. They also have a credit card service, but only as a backup payment method and cannot be used to buy bitcoin directly.

At this time only Visa and Mastercard credit cards with a billing address in the United States may be added to a Coinbase account. If you sign up through the link above you get $5 in bitcoin for free. Buy bitcoins with credit card via Recently bitcoin trading and mining platform has added an option to buy bitcoin currency via credit and debit cards – they accept Visa and Mastercard currently. Please note that several steps are needed for account verification before you can actually buy bitcoins, so this is not an easy and quick process – but if you are planning to buy currency more often, the hassle is worth it. Once bought, coins areOctober 11, 2013 by David Perry 38 Comments I’ve long been a fan of coinbase as a quick and easy way to get some bitcoins – as a matter of fact, I seldom feel the need to carry coins in a phone wallet any more since I can simply purchase a few as needed and send them straight from the coinbase app on my phone.

Apparently, however, I’m no longer allowed this convenience – because I’m responsible with my debt. Coinbase has apparently decided that to be approved for instant purchases you need to have a credit card on file – and not just a credit card, but one with actual credit, as in “no debit cards allowed.” Further, they are only accepting Visa cards at this time and they’ve lowered the instant purchase limit from 50 BTC per day to 10 BTC per week. Ouch. Now coinbase is a private business and they’re allowed to do whatever they want with their private business, but let me just take a moment to outline why this is a really bad idea: it all comes down to statistics.

As of the most recentToday we’re excited to launch USD Wallets, a new feature which allows users to store U.S. Dollar balances on Coinbase. Instant buying and selling Once you deposit USD into your new wallet, you no longer have to wait for traditional bank transfers to clear before your orders complete. Coinbase can process bitcoin purchases on-demand using funds from your USD Wallet. No credit card required Previously, the only way to instantly acquire bitcoin on Coinbase was to enable instant buy, which required adding a credit card. USD Wallets let you transfer U.S. Dollars to your Coinbase Account at your convenience. You can then use those funds to purchase bitcoin instantly from Coinbase. If you do not spend the funds, or if you receive the U.S. Dollar proceeds of a bitcoin sale into your USD Wallet, you can simply withdraw the funds back to your linked bank account whenever you wish. Coinbase will not charge you to send funds to and from your USD Wallet via ACH bank transfer in the U.S.Bitcoin is digital money used for secure and instant transfer of value anywhere in the world. It is not controlled or issued by any bank or government - instead it is an open network which is managed by its users. Much in the way email improved communication by making it fast and cheap, bitcoin is an improvement on existing payment methods which were not designed for the internet era. Is Bitcoin safe? Bitcoin’s core protocol is viewable by anyone, has been vetted by thousands of security researchers around the world, and has proven to be robust and reliable after immense scrutiny. Using bitcoin is similar to using other private applications on the internet, such as email or online banking. Just like these other web services, you must access your bitcoin with a password in order to ensure only you have access to your money. Is it tied to the value of the dollar? The value of a bitcoin is not tied or pegged to the value of any other currency.

Similar to stocks or property, bitcoin’s.

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