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Bit Trade Australia does not store your wallet password and cannot help you recover it. Re-type your wallet password to continue Cardless ATM deposits are now available at Westpac Smart ATMs 24/7 click here to learn more PLEASE NOTE: If you use this payment method we will need extra time to complete your order. Contact Us Email: [email protected] Phone: +61 2 9119 2944 Bit Trade Australia PTY LTD PO Box 21122 World Square Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA 2002 ABN 42 163 237 634, ACN 163 237Get started with CEX.IO – the easiest way to buy Bitcoin ! At CEX.IO, the process of both buying and selling Bitcoin has been made quick and simple. Here how it works: 1. Register on CEX.IO Simply sign up and confirm your email address. To maximize an account security we highly recommend setting up a two-factor authentication. Once completed, you can go ahead and deposit funds. 2. Verify your identity You’ll need to provide us with some personal information. Navigate to the “Profile” tab and then enter the necessary data in the Verification tab.

After getting verified, you can make your very first deposit. 3. Deposit funds To deposit fiat money, either USD or EUR, select the Finance tab from the top of the page, and scroll down until you see the Deposit button. Use your credit card or, alternatively, a bank transfer. Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card Deposit funds with your credit card or debit card. From the Trade tab, in the Trade: buy or sell BTC section, simply enter the amount ofOne transaction limit for unregistered users is $100 You can increase your limits by making successfull transactions. In 3 days after every successful transaction your limit will increase by $100. For example: Day 1, limit is $100 successful transaction Day 4, limit is $200 successful transaction Day 7, limit is $300 . up to $2500 per oneHow to buy bitcoins Rates and Fees verified correct on July 16th, 2015 You keep hearing about them, but what exactly are Bitcoins and how do you buy them? Read on for’s definitive guide. Referred to as the currency of the internet, Bitcoin was established in 2009 as a peer-to-peer currency network that enables new people to transfer funds in the digital space. Bitcoin has taken the decentralised and user-centric ideas that have long-defined the internet and created a payment system void of central authorities, resulting in savings for those who use it. Bitcoin is the world’s first start-up currency and is still in the early stages of its development.

As a currency, the value of bitcoins depends on the current conditions of the Bitcoin network and therefore its value can be volatile. How does Bitcoin work? Who uses bitcoins? How do I buy bitcoins? Where can I get bitcoins in Australia? For users, Bitcoin works just the same as any other currency. Just like when you useThis question answers the more general question How do you obtain Bitcoins? Most commonly, people use a Bitcoin exchange to exchange local currency for Bitcoins. There is 1 Bitcoin exchange that I know of that accept Australian dollars and will let you buy Bitcoins with them: MtGox is the biggest Bitcoin exchange.

At this time, MtGox s fee starts at 0.6% and decreases with your trade volume over the past month. The prices they quote include some percentage to cover the cost of changing Australian Dollars into US Dollars. But since they re the biggest they usually offer a tighter spread. You may find that they offer the best price even after taking commission and currency exchange into account. Here is a list of exchanges split by currency and whether they re currently active or not. In Australia there are currently a number of options for buying Bitcoins. Below is a list of exchanges that I am aware of that accept AUD. I have to send a big shout out for the crew at my two favoritePurchasing bitcoins can be a little confusing at first, Coin Loft make this process quick and easy. Pre-requisite - You need a Bitcoin Wallet Step 1 - Create an ORDER Step 2 - Deposit cash into our bank account Step 3 - Bitcoin will be received into your wallet Download our guide below to walk through the whole process in easy to understand steps.

Additional guides can be found on our FAQ page. WHO IS COIN LOFT Coin Loft is an Australian company making bitcoin accessible to the local market. We have a number of local and overseas bitcoin suppliers and have ample stock available for our customers. Our pricing is based on a market average bitcoin price in Australian dollars and includes our commission, fees and taxes. We can normally deliver your bitcoin to your wallet within 1 hour. You can read more about us on our ABOUTHot new startup is the first Bitcoin exchange that not only does the job it’s supposed to do very well, it’s also unimaginably beautiful and easy to use. They’re not too greedy with your personal data and they sell bitcoins to international credit card holders, so they deserve to be our official recommendation if you want to buy bitcoins with your credit card from almost anywhere in the world. Incidentally, Circle is also our recommendation if you want to purchase bitcoins with a USA bank account. Buy Bitcoins with Bank Account in Australia is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges in Australia. It certainly deserves no recognition for its clunky and old user interface, but under the dust awaits you a very efficient tool to get deals done with. You can get bitcoins in less than an hour when depositing funds to through a branch deposit. If you choose to make a conventional deposit from your Australian bank account, e.g. via online banking,Actual market exchange rates with only 4.4% commission, plus fast transaction processing. Bitcoin stock/inventory**: BTC **Our bitcoin stock level is updated every 5 minutes and does not take into consideration open quotes, ie. quotes to buy bitcoins that have not been paid for yet (returning visitors may need to refresh their browsers to get the bitcoin amount to display). Bitcoin is a peer to peer based digital currency. It is not managed by a central authority, instead it relies on an open source cryptographic protocol for the creation, storage and transfer of currency within the bitcoin network. Bitcoin is an increasingly accepted internet based currency used by businesses and individuals in many parts of the world. With the proper precautions, it can be used anonymously, just like cash. For a step by step guide on how to buy bitcoins, or for information about setting up a bitcoin wallet, please visit our Getting Started page Once you have a bitcoin address to send to, all you need.

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