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Hi, I just made this Desktop App and want to share it with you. It shows realtime BTC and LTC prices from Bitstamp, btc-e, bitfinex and Houbi. Has realtime graphical Orderbook, and you can set different alarms on it.

Screenshot: Screenshot2: Current Features: * Realtime BTC/USD, LTC/USD, LTC/BTC price ticker * Realtime orderbook graph * Display Whales/BabyWhales in orderbook (this helps me a lot) * Alarm when price goes above or below a certain point * Crash/Rally Alarm * Alarm when big orders placed/removed on orderbook (so you know something is up) Download Link: * Air App(Linux) v1.0.7: * Air App(Win/Mac) v1.0.7: * Sandboxed SWF v1.0.7: To run the Air package You need to install Adobe Air runtime (v2.6 at least) Air Runtime 3.9 for Win: div id= btc-quote /div script type= text/javascript src= // /script What is BTCQuote? BTCQuote is an open-source, real-time Bitcoin price widget for your website or blog. It is easily embeddable with 2 lines of code and offers a beautifully minimal design. Which technologies does BTCQuote use? BTCQuote uses the Bitcoin Open Data Set for real-time price updates. This service is powered by Firebase in collaboration with Coinbase.

Animations powered by Odometer, by Hubspot . Where can I use BTCQuote? BTCQuote is completely free and can be used on any website or blog without restriction. The source code to BTCQuote is published under the MIT license, so feel free to improve, adapt, or redistribute it as youCharts are ordered to display indicators synchronously.

So you can analyse price movements with corresponding changes in orderbooks and trading volumes. Zoom In/Out You can use mouse to increase detalization of the chart. Just drag part of the chart to zoom in and double click to zoom out. Try several times to play with it.

Also you can use zoom window on the last chart. When you zoom in/out on one chart you change zoom for all of them. 10, 100, 1000 , . Charts are calculated depending BTC volume we want to sell/buy. Different volume means different prices and different behaviour.

Arbitrage tables Arbitrage tables are calculated depending on BTC volume. They are recalculated every 15 seconds. In details you can read further Arbitrage tables tab explanation. Business Experiment From the very beginning we assume this service as a business. The idea of this business experiment must be supported by customers in order to give us financial signals and incentives to further develop and— Top nav — News – Companies – – Exchanges – – Merchants – – Wallets – – Investors – – Funding – Technology – – Mining – – Bitcoin Protocol – – Bitcoin ATMs – – Altcoins – – Cryptocurrency 2.0 – Regulation – Events – BitLicense – Prices – Crime – – Silk Road – Features – – Opinion – – Data Analysis – – Reviews Price & Data – Bitcoin Price Index – Bitcoin Venture Capital – Bitcoin Network Statistics – Bitcoin Calculator – About the BPI – Bitcoin ATM Map – CoinDesk API – Bitcoin Price Ticker Widget Guides – What is Bitcoin? – Why Use Bitcoin? – How Can I Buy Bitcoins? – How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK – How to Store Your Bitcoins – What Can You Buy with Bitcoin? – How to Sell Bitcoin – How to Accept Bitcoin Payments – How do Bitcoin Transactions Work? – Is Bitcoin Legal? – Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? – How Bitcoin Mining Works – How to Set Up a Bitcoin Miner – What are Bitcoin Mining Pools? – How Does Cloud Mining Work? – Calculate Mining Profitability – How to Make a Paper Bitcoin WalletThis dashboard will show you the current rates and trades on the major exchanges in 1 place. Developers: attach to our firehose or to a single exchange, to receive all trades and updated ticker stats to wrap in your own application. Realtime access to our exchange partners trade data. With the Firehose you have direct access to the live stream of trade data coming from the top exchanges. We have a channel that streams normalized data for all trades across a single connection or you can connect to the different exchange feeds individually. You can filter this information by checking the trade object that is sent and monitoring the currency or item feeds to only watch data from USD or EuroMonitoring the flow of fiat currencies like the US Dollar and the Chinese Yuan into the digital currency Bitcoin. Data extracted from all major bitcoin tradingZeroBlock real time news and market data for the Bitcoin.

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