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Topic you have posted in Normal Topic Hot Topic (More than 21 replies) Very Hot Topic (More than 100 replies) Locked Topic Sticky Topic Poll Jump to : Please select a destination: ----------------------------- Bitcoin ----------------------------- = Bitcoin Discussion === Legal === Press === Meetups === Important Announcements = Development & Technical Discussion === Alternative clients ===== MultiBit ===== Electrum ===== Bitcoin Wallet for Android ===== BitcoinJ ===== Armory = Mining === Mining support === Pools === Mining software (miners) === Hardware ===== Group buys === Mining speculation = Technical Support = Project Development ----------------------------- Economy ----------------------------- = Economics === Speculation = Marketplace === Goods ===== Computer hardware ===== Digital goods === Services === Currency exchange === Gambling ===== Games and rounds ===== Investor-based games === Lending ===== Long-term offers === Securities === Auctions === Service AnnouncementsAnoncoin is a privacy-centric currency Fully compatible with the I2P and TOR darknets Anoncoin will be available no matter what the authorities do Anoncoin (ANC) is a unique decentralized peer to peer internet cryptocurrency that provides privacy for its users. I2P and Tor compatible, it is resistant to crackdowns from hostile authorities. Transactions sent through the I2P or Tor darknets make your location untracable. Zerocoin is being developed to provide true anonymity with untracable transactions in the block chain.

Anoncoin was released in a transparent manner with a fair mining reward schedule.

A pre-mine of 4200 ANC was returned to the community. We oppose all forms of censorship and have a long history in leading internet privacy initiatives. Whether you are a journalist, activist, or dissident, or just someone who cares about privacy, Anoncoin is forLaunched: December 30, 2013 1PM eastern time By: deaconboogie (bitcointalk user) Type: POW Scrypt Algo Supply: 384 Billion Coins Speed: 90 Seconds Retarget: Difficulty 8 Hours Reward: Blocks 1-100,000: 0-2,000,000 MOON Blocks 100,001-200,000: 0-1,000,000 MOON Blocks 200,001-250,000: 0-600,000 MOON Blocks 250,001-300,000: 0-350,000 MOON Blocks 300,001-350,000: 0-175,000 MOON Blocks 350,001-375,000: 0-100,000 MOON Blocks 375,001-384,400: 0-50,000 MOON All future blocks are a fixed 29531 MOON. Reduction: 0 Premined: 0 Fees: 0% Website: Source: There is one coin for each millimeter of covering average distance from the Earth to the Moon! 384 billion MOON available and Mooncoin purpose is to provide the way of hunting big coin and trading but with long-term stability.None of the volatility exhibited in other recent coin launches has reared its head with regards to Moon added Mooncoin to its virtual currencyreddit: the front page of theframeLAlife: check the Octocoin Bitcointalk board. Octo is dead and this is one of the only exchanges left. We are going to burn Octocoins and turn into aCrypto-currency market cap rankings, charts, andWith over 384 billion MOON available, there is one coin for each millimeter of distance from the Earth to the Moon! Mooncoin is intended to provide the thrill of big coin hunting and trading but with long-term stability. Based on sane block release targets, Mooncoin should provide years of good mining for all ages and equipment types. We are taking a shenanigan free approach to launch by trying to make sure we have our ducks in a row to reduce stress on our fellow passengers. We want to provide a fair, positive experience for everyone! This means that on launch day: On July 21st, 2014 it will be the 45th anniversary of the lunar landing by the Apollo 11 astronauts. On this date, Mooncoin will begin to release one MOON for every USD spent on the Apollo space program at an accelerated rate: 25.4 billion! Every block number based on the lunar cycle will be awarded a 2x payout bonus! Other specials will come in future releases. We re open to suggestions! Pools: We ve consolidated the pool.

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