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BitVegas was a casino based in Minecraft. It was among the first Bitcoin-Minecraft services. It featured the most generous faucet of its time, yielding 0.002 BTC per hour to visitors. BitVegas was a six story building.

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Across the six levels were a collection of games: Game Floors Bitcoin? Game Floors Bitcoin? Game Floors Bitcoin? Lottery 1, 4 Always Hold em 3 No Minefield 2, 5 Yes Drinking 1-5 Always Roulette 2, 5 Yes Race betting 4 Yes Slots 2-5 Yes Blackjack 3, 5 Yes Parkour 6 No The building s six accessible levels were connected by elevators. The first floor served as the lobby, featuring a bar.

Bitcoin mining pool list

Also connected to the first floor were two closed wings, a gift shop and a hotel. Neither of these wings would ever open, although it was possible to see their contents by freecamming. The second floor had two massive roulette tables and a slur of other games. The third floor had almost exclusively featured card games, and the fourth floor was centered on the Bacon Races. The fifth floorHello Thanks for watching my videos if you want check out the following Links: BitQuest IP: BitQuest Website: CHECK OUT CHEAPS GAMES : Subscribe If You Enjoyed! : Twitter : : Music Song: Disfigure - Blank Links:BitQuest is a Minecraft server where you can find and use Bitcoin within the game. This ongoing project will create a public Minecraft server with a Bitcoin-denominated trading system and unique MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) features. The economy in BitQuest is based on the Emerald element. You can mine it or exchange it for other elements, just like currency. You can buy food, armor or even enchanted weapons, it s up to you. Each Emerald is worth 1 BIT [one millionth Bitcoin]. To access your Bits you first go to the BANK at spawn and deposit your Emeralds into the enchanted chests (our ATMs in the server). BitQuest will then send the Bits to your Xapo Wallet using the Xapo API.

Bitcoin mining pool list

Also, BitQuest includes several features that make it different from all the other Minecraft servers. You level up by killing mobs, but instead of spending your XP to enchant weapons or armor like in vanilla Minecraft, you keep it, like in other MMORPGs. The mobs have levels as well,The server that runs on Bitcoin! Bitquest is a Survival style Minecraft server with a Bitcoin-denominated economy: Players can buy, sell and trade items using BTCPersonally I enjoy the classic Minecraft, no mods or free server hand outs. I think it would be great if we had a BitCoin Forums Minecraft server. It s less of a headache to run without mods, so might be easier on you. I have run minecraft servers before and I d be happy to help in any way I can. Planning on running it on your Desktop or having a dedicated server for it? You know what would be an interesting mod (and way to fund a server)? Have the server require registration, with some database holding user information. Each user is given a Bitcoin address, to which they can send Bitcoin. The server can then use this money to fund operations, and the user gets the equivalent amount of in-game Bitcoin. This can be used as a medium of exchange in the Minecraft world. Essentially, you re donating to run the server, but you also get an in-game currency for use as well. I envision them as physical Bitcoins, and I think it would be kind of cool. There is already a craftbukkit plugin thatWelcome to BitVegas. Bitcoins first casino built 100% in Minecraft. We currently have Roulette, Blackjack and Minefield ready to play for play money or real bitcoins! Texas Hold em Poker is also in the works.

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See them in action here: Roulette and Minefield : Blackjack : You currently have to be activated in order to use real bitcoins. Just ask ingame! Soon real bitcoin gaming will be open to all without having to ask. UPDATE: Real bitcoin gaming now available to all! ----- HOW TO CONNECT ----- Open up Minecraft. If you don t own the game. You can get it here: Click Multiplayer - Add Server Server Name: BitVegas Address: After connecting type /refill for some free coins to play with ----- IN-GAME COMMANDS ----- /btc checks your balance /mode switches between play money and real bitcoins /refill tops up your play money (do this when you first join) /deposit givesHello Thanks for watching my videos if you want check out the following Links: Server : CHECK OUT CHEAPS GAMES : Subscribe If You Enjoyed! : Twitter : : Music Song: Laszlo - Don t look Down Links: Song: DM Galaxy - Bad MotivesA pretty cool minecraft server that is in alpha and needs some help and ideas to start out! I m looking for mods and more to help out with the project! Feel free to come and help! Additional Notes A bitcoin minecraft server! Its s pretty cool and awesome. It s in alpha and just started yesterday! So come join and help starting.

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