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Bitcoin allows for instant, peer-to-peer transactions worldwide with little to no processing fees. BTC creates an anonymously purchasing agent that can be used internationally as bitcoins are not bound to a particular country or subject to a particular jurisdiction. This cyber currency has the ability to totally revolutionize global finance, although, it’s currently only in the early stages of its development.

As the popularity of Bitcoin increases, more betting sites are recognizing an opportunity in offering BTC as a deposit option. We are constantly watching for new bitcoin betting sites, and we will update our list as we find sites that we are confident recommending to our visitors. Bitcoin Casino Sites bc-casino (casino) – Easily one of the most impressive bitcoin casinos in terms of graphics and game selection. BC Casino uses playtech software that gives players a selection of over 100 games, including no download versions. [ Review ] betcoincasino (casino) – BetcoinSorry, Bitcoin Punter has been closedBitcoinLiveBets is a Bitcoin-based sports book. It has a large selection of games to choose from, and they also offer up great support. It is considered by some to be the ultimate site for those that are looking solely for a sports book. With their extensive library, you are bound to find exactly the game you want to bet on. BitcoinLiveBets offers up many different sports. The ones it has are as follows: Below each of these supported sports, there are even more branches, allowing you to find exactly the game you’re looking for. Fairness All games are public record, and they also store a history. Because of this, you can easily go back and verify anything you need, in order to make sure the results you got are what you expected. House Edge Not Provided. But they have installed a financial buffer to pay out high wins. Player Population The population of players at this site is decent, although all bets are against the house and not other players. Because of this, population has no realLocated below you will find the top gambling sites. We carefully tested over 55 different sites and determined these were the top. Use this link for Bitcoin Poker and this one for Bitcoin Casino and this one for Bitcoin SportsBook Sites. Read the detailed reviews and decide on which is the best to gamble on! Latest Update: July 13, 2015 Why Use Bitcoins Instead of Fiat? A big reason for using bitcoins instead of fiat is that you can send the funds to an online site quickly and securely. It also allows for withdrawing any amount you want without having to jump through extra hoops or wait for paperwork to be drawn and signed, or other verification methods that are part of the “KYC” rules. On top of this, it ends up lowering the costs associated with casinos accepting funds, such as payment processing fees from credit cards and other methods. In turn, this makes it cheaper for the funds to be returned, creating a win-win scenario for everyone.

Security also has a pretty big part when it.

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