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Bitcoin Ireland is the voice of the bitcoin community in Ireland. Membership is open to anyone with a professional or personal interest in bitcoin or related technologies.

At present there are no membership fees. Bitcoiners are a diverse bunch, and we welcome everyone. Come join us. Bitcoin in Ireland Ireland is already home to many of the world s leading technology, payments and financial services companies. There is a growing ecosystem of indigenous startups in the Bitcoin space, and Ireland is already starting to attract the most respected and ambitious digital money players. Bitcoin Finance conference 2014 will be held in Dublin on July 3-4 2014, supported by BitcoinIreland. We ve got great speakers coming from all over the world. Find out more at 1. BitFin Conference, 3-4 July 2014 in the RDS / Fergal gave a summary of the conference. The idea of the conference wasn’t to make money, it was to put us on the map and bring the internationalA pint of plain’s your only man — and now you can pay for it with online currency bitcoin. The first pint — a bottle of Kopparberg cider to be more exact — has been purchased in Ireland using bitcoin, with staff at the Baggot Inn in Dublin revealing that it was quickly followed by a flurry of other Bitcoin booze buys. Chris Healy, marketing and events manager at the Baggot St pub, said the first pint paid for with bitcoin was bought by Michael Rudnicki — and other bitcoin fans then spent €140 between them. The pub is now set to become the base of all things bitcoin and Chris Healy said that an element of planning had gone into Tuesday night’s events. “The idea came up in early January and we looked into doing it,” he said. “There was a lot of excitement and a great atmosphere in the bar. ” The Baggot Inn will officially launch its own bitcoin-friendly service on March 14, and last Tuesday it offered a 10% discount on Bitcoin purchases, meaning the first Bitcoin pint cost €4.50, orIreland is about to get its first Bitcoin ATM when the machine is installed in a cafe in Temple Bar in Dublin. It is expected to be online in the next couple of days. The machine will allow users to exchange cash for Bitcoins. Users will need to have a digital wallet set up in which to store their virtual currency. They will scan their digital wallet, insert cash into the machine, and then have their purchased Bitcoins placed into their digital wallet. Bitcoins are currently not recognised or regulated by the Central Bank and so anyone buying the virtual currency is not entitled to any protection. The ATM is being placed in Hippety s Cafe, Wine Bar and Gallery on Fownes Street by a company called Bitvendo. It describes itself on its website as being owned by a consortium of investors spread across three continents. It said its mission is to educate people about Bitcoin, make it more accessible and to make money from it. The company said it intends to roll out several ATMs in IrelandBitcoin Finance brings together the brightest minds in payments, finance, business, banking and Bitcoin. Over two days in Dublin, we’ll tackle the big questions and host fearless debates on the opportunities and risks involved with decentralised currencies. We will shape the future of commerce, corporate strategy, and economic policy in the world of peer-to-peer digital money. Bitcoin Finance is the digital money conference you’ve been waiting for. Bitcoin Finance is a forum for meaningful dialogue about Bitcoin’s global relevance and applications. The Bitcoin community, like that of many new technologies, is geographically clustered and overwhelmingly male, and we recognise that a network with limited appeal has limited utility. Bitcoin Finance has an open submissions process and particularly welcomes submissions and participation from women and under-represented groups and geographies. Jeremy is founder, chair, and CEO of Circle, a Boston and Dublin-based financial services companyThe Irish bitcoin scene is split into those in the Republic of Ireland, which currently has no rules in place for bitcoin, and Northern Ireland, which as part of the UK does. There has been some controversy in relation to the installation of Bitcoin ATM s in Ireland, which has been covered in the broadsheet media.

A pub in Dublin, formerly known as the Baggot Inn accepted bitcoin through a bitpay system for food and drink and shortly after hosted a bitcoin ATM in March 2014. However, the pub changed ownership, and the ATM was removed in October 2014 Separately in March 2014, GSM Solution s owned Bitvendo was due to place a Bitcoin ATM in a venue in Dublin s famous Temple Bar, but was refused an Irish bank account which received considerable media coverage in print and radio. This was moved to the GSM Solutions shop in Abbey Street, and retired soon after from active service, although has been used in demonstrations. It was replaced by a Skyhook ATM which is currently in place. InConvert cash to Bitcoin in 10 seconds ! Accepts 5, 10 and 20 Euro notes The quickest way to get Bitcoin in Ireland. Highly secure and efficient. Very simple user interface. Excellent support from the staff in store. The only fully legal and tax compliant Bitcoin ATM in Ireland. Directly connects to the Blockchain for security and the best rate guaranteed. Not regulated by any central bank, You have complete control of your Bitcoins. 100% Irish Owned & Operated. Where is the Bitcoin ATM and when can I use it? The ATM in located in GSMsolutions in Dublin City, just beside Jervis St shopping Centre Luas stop. Full details and opening hours can be found below and on Is there a fee or commission when using the machine? There is a fluctuating commission of between 3-5% automatically factored in, so for example if you purchase EUR100.00 worth of bitcoin minus the commission you would recieve between approxiamately EUR95-EUR97 on worth of Bitcoin on average. This isBitcoin Dublin was started for everyone around Dublin & Ireland who has an interest in Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, and the innovative impact of these ideas on society. The meetup is informal, friendly and encouraging for all levels who want to learn more about Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies. The discussions range from societal impacts, business ideas, financial/economic impacts, software development, technical aspects and more. Events are held in various locations around Dublin city.

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